Perra Films


the edrans experience


Our long term relationship with Edrans gave us the opportunity to truly understand their business and to be funtional for their interests. This collection of works creates a lasting profile for the company and an added value for customers or talent that sees in Edrans a potential provider or place to work.

recruiting video

Today’s biggest challenge for technology companies is to hire new talent. In that order, most companies create video content showing their benefits. So we needed to stand out. Based on the fanatism of Edrans’ team for Game of Thrones we created this video, announcing that an empty ‘throne’ is waiting for its new occupant.

post event videos

We create content to leverage the investment efforts, amplifying the audience you reach. At the same time you add value to your social activities by creating long lasting memories to share.

company culture

This kind of videos help spread the Company Culture through the internal channels and social networks.

partnerships portraits

Storytelling allows us show the most important partners the company works with.


Word of mouth is one the bests marketing tools, so we created a piece to hear what team members have to say about the company.


success cases

When clients have great comments about your company’s services, a success case video can transform their experiences into great marketing pieces.

team members profiles

Edrans’ exponential growth sets company culture as one of the biggest challenges to deal with. In that order, we created a series of video portraits to facilitate the bonding between members that are spreaded througout the world. First round of interviews covered more than 60 team members in two offices (BCN+ARG)

commercial / explainer

Metzoo is a product created and developed by Edrans, so the challenge was to create a piece that easely explains what the app does for the agriculture business and how it works.

corporate content

Most technology companies find it difficult to walk away from futuristic and excecutive kind of content. The challenge was to show the spirit of the company and that can only be achieved by showcasing the people that represent it the most.