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The human brain is wired for story. It is built to keep 10% of what it reads or listens, but 50% of what it sees. No wonder about 75% of Google searches include a video. Stories inform, illuminate, and inspire. All the things innovators strive to do. #Storytelling.


€800 to €1600

Feed your library of activies by making videos on every success case your company reach. Engage with potential new clients explaining your skills and let your current clients express how do they feel working with you. Word of mouth is still the best marketing tool ever.


€1.000 to €4.500

Whether you are showcasing an app or teaching how your product works, explainer videos help you engage with your audience and convert better. Let’s find together the most simple, beautiful and practical way to educate your customers about what you are offering them.



Let your audience know when, where and what will be happening at your events by simply creating the perfect communication content. Also, get a high quality post event video to show off the highlights and key moments of your event.


€2.000 to €3.500

Transform your company, product or brand history into a short documentary with a curated storytelling. Tell your audience who you are and show them the way you like to do things in an innovative format that fits currents audiovisual trends.



Internal communication is as much important as external, so we’ll help you bonding with your teams with joyful videos. Create memories of shared expriences; say welcome to new members or just wish them a happy holiday with cool videos.



Share with the world a custom made commercial summarizing the spirit of your brand, company or product in just 30 seconds. Let’s work together to reach the perfect script and we’ll help you translate it into powerful and lasting images and sounds.


€2.250 monthly / €26.000 yearly

If you are planning your yearly communication this is the perfect solution for your company, product or brand.
Enjoy the benefits of a curated selection of services and pay for them monthly or yearly. By purchasing this package you’ll also receive a 5% discount on any additional service.

Need a different package? Contact us and we’ll work it out.