Perra Films

Basic Events


item includes

•Up to 3 minutes story
•1 Shooting Day (Locations up to 30km from Barcelona)
•Full HD / 4K / Slow Motion (120fps) Equipment
•Motion Graphics (Up to 10 seconds - Based on provided ID)
•Offline / Online Editing
•Color Grading
•Music (Up to 3 options to choose)
•Sound Post Production
•Captions 1 Language (If needed)
•Full HD / 4K* Final Delivery (*Only if shooted in 4k 25fps)
•Web Ready Files
•Social Media Version (1:1)
•2 Rounds of Edits
•Estimated Video Lifetime: 3-5 years

(Price may vary according to specific project needs.)

add extra items

•Travel & Per Diem Quotation
•3D Graphics (Logo or characters)
•Drone Shots (According to safety restrictions)
•Voice Over
•Additional Language Captions
•Quality Pictures for Print

Not fitting your needs? Write to us and we’ll work it out.

  • TIMELINE: 3-4 days turnaround from event day to delivery

  • INSURANCE: insured and licensed to do business at any location

  • payment: ask for methods